Foliage and flowers in my garden

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  1. We have many of the same flowers. Your gardens are so beautiful! Molto Bello! See I'm learning :)

  2. Thanks Catherine! =)
    I see that are starting with the first ones "lessons" of Italian!!
    You're very nice!!! =)
    I have noticed in effects that a lot of the plants that I love they are also present in your garden that had struck me really for this. I adore the heucheres, that I have begun to know only this year. Cries from fresher climate, they are not very common in my region, but I live next to the mountains and the climate it is an a little fresher and I have succeeded in making her withstand now the summer heat and my collection can become larger. ;)
    Thank you so much!

  3. Tropeolo Majus.. mi manca
    Pelargone rosa.. mi manca
    Polygonium capitatum.. mi manca
    Clematis blu doppia.. mi manca
    Heuchere varie.. mi mancano
    Callistemon.. mi manca
    Bouganvillea.. mi manca
    Geranium Jolly Bee.. mi manca
    Caspiterina, quante cose devo aggiungere nella lista della spesa questa primavera!!!
    Complimenti Tyzianaaa. ;)

  4. Simply wonderful. I love your pictures.


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